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Hurts Donut will serve whimsically topped doughnuts on Wichita’s west side

Hurts Donut, which should open in May on the west side, is owned by Valley Center native Kas Clegg.
Hurts Donut, which should open in May on the west side, is owned by Valley Center native Kas Clegg.

A wild new 24-hour doughnut shop is coming to west Wichita and should be ready by May, serving items including Nutella-stuffed doughnuts, Bismarcks stuffed with sausage and gravy, maple bacon doughnuts and more.

Hurts Donut Company is owned by Valley Center native Kas Clegg. A year ago, she took money she’d made at a shaved ice business and opened her first Hurts Donut in Springfield, Mo. She’d never made doughnuts before, she said, and learned how watching videos on YouTube. She makes both cake and yeast raised doughnuts.

The business took off quickly, then in August, Clegg opened another location in Norman. Her Wichita friends have been bugging her to expand here, so she decided she would. She’s considering two different locations on the west side, she said. Once she signs, it should take about 60 days for the store to be ready.

“We’ve been very successful, and we’ve been very blessed,” she said. “People were very supportive at our Springfield location, which has allowed us to add other locations quickly.”

Clegg, whose store was named the Springfield woman-owned start-up business of the year, also has had her doughnuts mentioned on local websites, specifically her Nutella doughnut and her Fire in the Hole doughnut holes, which are stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese and coated in a Sriracha glaze.

She offers birthday parties at her shops, where kids can decorate their own doughnuts. They’re so popular, Clegg said, she’s had to open a second building in Springfield just for the parties.

Clegg also sells T-shirts with her logo on them, and they serve as coupons good for one free doughnut every time its owner wear the shirt to the store. She will begin selling them on her Facebook page on Saturday, she said.

The doughnuts range from $1 to a basic doughnut to $3 for a super-fancy, bacon-topped one.

Clegg said she got the store’s name from an old joke “your grandfather would tell you.”

“You want a Hurts Donut?” the jokester would ask. The recipient would get a punch on the arm. “Hurts, don’t it?”

The doughnut menu also includes “Sloppy Jonuts,” which are sloppy Joes served on doughnuts, and doughnuts made with beer from local breweries. There’s also one decorated to look like “Sesame Street’s” Cookie Monster.

I’ll keep you posted on the new store’s progress.