Dining With Denise Neil

Where are the shaved ice/sno cone booths in Wichita this summer?

Flamingo Sno, open for business in the parking lot at K-Lane's, 600 S. Tyler.A reader named Ashley wrote to me recently bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t find any sno cone booths on the west side. She wondered if I knew of any.

Yesterday, on my way to another restaurant I’m writing about, I swung by the parking lot near Kellogg and Tyler that I thought usually had a sno cone booth in the summer. Indeed, there was Flamingo Sno, open for business. (The teenage employee inside seemed perplexed that I was photographing her trailer, and now I’m equally perplexed that my photograph turned out so crooked. Oh well.)

At any rate, Flamingo Sno is there, open daily from 1 to 9 p.m. until school starts.

My friend Suzanne is a big fan of sno cone booths, especially ones that sell Tiger Blood flavor (“It tastes like real tiger blood.”) She and her kids were big fans of the Heavenly Sno booth that usually set up near the Dillon’s at Douglas and Hillside. That one hasn’t appeared this year. Suzanne has, however, spotted a Heavenly Sno booth in the Home Depot parking lot at K-96 and Woodlawn.

Has anyone else out there located a shaved ice/ sno cone booth? Tell me where it is and what it’s called, if you know, and I’ll try to publish a list.