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Alton Brown visits at least four Wichita restaurants while in town

Alton Brown stopped by Reverie Coffee Roasters on his way out of town Friday and posed for a picture with chef Stephanie Hand.
Alton Brown stopped by Reverie Coffee Roasters on his way out of town Friday and posed for a picture with chef Stephanie Hand. Andrew Gough


Alton Brown spread a little more love to local restaurants while he was in Wichita for a Thursday-night book signing.

On his way out of town on Friday morning, Brown stopped by Reverie Coffee Roasters at 2611 E. Douglas. He arrived about 9:40 a.m., said owner Andrew Gough, and he ordered two cortados – a drink made with espresso and steamed milk. Before leaving, he posed for a picture with pastry chef Stephanie Hand, and a little later, he posted a photo of his Reverie drinks on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

“A cortado for now, and a cortado for 15 minutes from now,” his caption read.

Also on Thursday, as he left Espresso to Go Go, he stopped by and met neighbor Rebecca Amos, who owns Garden of Eatin’ at 612 E. Douglas.

“I was cooking and happened to look up to him peering through the door,” she said. “I almost fell over. I went to the door and stepped outside to talk to him. He was already set on going to Public but, maybe next time.”

As he continued down the street, an employee from 86 Cold Press next door to Garden of Eatin’ also grabbed Brown for a selfie.

Brown calls Espresso to Go Go his ‘Wichita happy place’

Food celebrity Alton Brown, who is in Wichita to promote and sign copies of his new cookbook “EveryDayCook” Thursday at the Orpheum Theatre, was spotted in two of his favorite local establishments.

Brown, who caused a stir in 2014 when he made the rounds of Wichita restaurants during a stop on his “Edible Inevitable” tour, stopped in to Espresso To Go Go at 102 St. Francis on Thursday afternoon. He posted a video of himself on his Instagram and Facebook accounts where he’s standing under the shop’s signature disco ball. The caption reads: “In my Wichita happy place.”

He also stopped into Public at the Brickyard on Thursday afternoon. A picture of him cheesing with the staff is on Public’s Twitter page.

Espresso to Go Go owner Warren Tandoc said he happened to be working at his second location at 120 E. First when Brown stopped in the St. Francis store. But his employee Delilah Reed, served Brown a Sid Vicious, a drink made of seven espresso shots, seven sugars and a splash of cream over ice.

Tandoc said Reed and coworker Teresa Nguyen were total professionals.

“They served him proper like a stranger,” he said.

At Public, owner Brooke Russell said she was in shock when Brown strolled in at lunchtime on Thursday. Last time he was in town, he also visited Public, but Russel and other Public customers had repeatedly set him invitations via Twitter.

“This time we didn’t Tweet him at all,” she said. “I didn’t want to be greedy because I figured there are a lot of places he could visit. We were really excited to see him come back because I guess that means he liked it the first time.”

Brown had the sliders, the Buffalo cauliflower and a Cobb salad. He posed for a picture before leaving, Russell said.

After his 2014 visit, Brown posted on his blog a list of his 10 favorite coffee shops he visited during his tour. Both Reverie Coffee Roasters and Espresso to Go Go made the list. While in town two years ago, he made surprise visits to nine different local establishments, including Old Mill Tasty Shop and Little Saigon.