Dining With Denise Neil

Who had a White Castle?

Now I didn't know those burgers were hole-y. Did you?The Square Burger Award goes to my friends Beccy Tanner and Jaime Green, who quite competently covered the pandemonium that was the White Castle birthday celebration yesterday in the Dillon’s parking lot.

A pressing work commitment kept me away, but I heard lots of stories from those who were there — stories of 90-minute waits, slider shortages and grilled onions. My friend Katie texted to tell me she went but left empty handed. “We lasted about three minutes in line,” she said. “We’re not waiters.”

Another friend described the scene as a “a mess of humanity and beef.”

Were you there? Was it worth it? Let me know if you had a “gut bomb” and how you’re feeling today.

And if you missed it (or if you’re also not a “waiter,”) watch Jaime’s video below.