Dining With Denise Neil

A year and 48 lunches later...

A delicious offering from Manna Wok, 4865 E. Harry.A year ago, local food fan Richard Bowman read one of my dining stories that reprinted local restaurant owner and foodie extraordinaire Tanya Tandoc’s favorite restaurants and her favorite dishes at each of those restaurants.

Bowman felt like he was stuck in a lunch rut, so he invited a couple of buddies to join him on a quest to eat their way down the list. For the past year, Bowman would get together with his Doug Ballard and Joe Wilson on Fridays and try out one of the places on the list. They’ve now traveled completely through it, and on Friday, they’ll go to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen for their final meal to mark their accomplishment.

Bowman told me that he and his buddies really enjoyed the quest and found several new eateries they would never have tried otherwise. Among his new favorites: Manna Wok at 4865 E. Harry. “I’d driven by that place for years and had just never stopped,” he said.

Bowman and his crew are going to have their picture taken with Tanya on Friday, and he promises to share a copy.