Dining With Denise Neil

Wichita has two in Genghis Grill contest

If you ask me, Stacy Rogers and Darren Martin should get a prize just for eating in the same restaurant every day for 90 days.

But apparently, we have to help make that happen.

Stacy And Darren both are finalists in a Genghis Grill contest called “Health Kwest.” The two were chosen to represent the stores from a pool of applicants and given one free meal a day at Genghis Grill, a chain that allows customers to build their own stir fry dishes. They also were encouraged to exercise and offered the chance to win $10,000 if they lost the most weight and scored the most Internet votes.

There are more than 50 finalists representing individual restaurants across the country. Stacy represents the west side Genghis Grill at 8512 W. Central. Darren is the finalist from the 111 S. Rock Road store.

Wichitans have from now until Friday to vote for the local finalists. Stacy reports that she’s lost more than 25 pounds, and even though it’s been kind of difficult to get to the restaurant every single day for the past three months, she’s enjoyed the experience.

“I love the food there,” she said. “I could probably eat there every day for the rest of my life.”

Visit this website to vote for Wichita’s finalists and read more about the contest.