Dining With Denise Neil

Breakfast at The Anchor

The Achor's morning menu is ha-uge.I finally got a chance this weekend to do something I’ve been meaning to do ever since I wrote about The Anchor’s new chef, Ben George: I went to breakfast.

For those of you who don’t know, The Anchor is now open for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, and the menu is ambitious. It’s huge, especially for a twice-a-week thing, and there’s almost nothing that’s not on it — omelets, Benedicts, hash, jeuvos rancheros. It just goes on and on.The Monte Cristo at The Anchor.We tried two dishes with mixed results. We weren’t thrilled about the Monte Cristo, a breakfast sandwich that’s egg battered, fried, topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of raspberry sauce. It was beautiful and huge, but it was way too greasy. The bread tasted overwhelmingly of funnel cake, and there was a little swimming pool of grease underneath each half.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum was the smoky eggs Benedict, made with pork loin instead of ham and topped with a mozzarella cream sauce. The smoky flavor was so pronounced, and the sauce was excellent. We’d eat it again and again.Smoky eggs Benedict. The biscuits also were great — giant, moist, buttery and perfectly browned. And the coffee and ambiance were good, too. I’ll definitely give it another try.

In other Anchor news, the bar and restaurant is celebrating its 6th birthday with several days worth of events, starting on Wednesday. See the poster below for details. (more…)