Dining With Denise Neil

On the Town with Carrie & Denise

We’re trying to start something new and fun for food fans in Wichita, and the working title is On the Town with Carrie and Denise.  (There we are, on the town!) ——————->>>

It’s an idea I had one day in the middle of one of my live dining chats: There are so many people in Wichita passionate about food and dining out, wouldn’t it be fun to get them all together?

I took the idea to the Online Gurus at the Eagle, and they took it to the folks at Oeno, the wine bar in Old Town Square. Now it’s more than an idea. We’ll have our first meeting on the patio at Oeno at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 12.

We’re still working the details out, but mark your calendars. The evening will include eating, drinking, mingling and a brief session with myself and Carrie Rengers, where we can talk all things dining out in Wichita.