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Now that's Italian

Reader Bill Pearce did some serious eating -- and fabulous food photography - on a recent trip to Italy.When I first started this blog, I wrote about my love for photographing the fabulous food I eat in restaurants, and I encouraged you to do the same — then share.

Reader Bill Pearce, a learned local foodie and a regular commenter on my blog/dining forums, recently took a trip to Italy with his wife, Sue, and did not waste any time sending me a bunch of examples of the fine food they ate in areas all around the Italian alps.

He sent me, oh, about a dozen pictures, all of which made my mouth water, but the one at left is probably  my favorite. I love the lighting, the carafe of red wine, and the pizza. Mama Mia! It looks like it’s covered in cheese and mushrooms and all sorts of Italian fabulousness.

I also loved this photo of Bill’s gnocchi, which as you can see is served in some type of Luciano’s-esque baked Parmesan bowl type thingy. As Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go to there.”

My goal is to share more reader-submitted food photography like this. So the next time you’re out eating something wonderful, do what Bill did: Get out the camera, make sure the lighting is good and snap away. And for goodness sake, do it before you’ve eaten half of it.

Then, e-mail me. Your gnocchi could be famous, too.

Thanks Bill and Sue. Keep eating. And snapping.