Dining With Denise Neil

Just opened: Abelardo's

The carnitas plate from Abelardo'sFor lunch today, I tried out the brand new Abelardo’s, a 24-hour Mexican place at the corner of Maple and West (in the former Dog-N-Shake building). It just opened today, and it’s sort of in the vein of Tacos Lopez and other 24-hour fast Mexican places that seem to favor West street.

The food was tasty — and so cheap. A giant carnitas burrito, made on those fabulous, massive, lardy homemade tortillas, was just $3.39. My carnitas plate, above, was a massive amount of food for $6.49.

Abelardo’s has a drive-through, and it also serves a wide array of breakfast burritos all day long. I already have immediate plans to wake up on a Sunday morning, drive through Abelardo’s for a breakfast burrito, drive through Starbucks down the street for a grande coffee in a venti cup with extra cream, and head home to begin the day in a caloric coma. Bliss!

To reach Abelardo’s, call 316-978-9440.