Dining With Denise Neil

Summer raw bar

Chester’s Chophouse, the gourmet-est of gourmet restaurants in Wichita (at 1550 N. Webb Road), is offering a unique feature for summer — a raw bar.

What’s a raw bar, you ask? It’s an uncommon Wichita offering — a buffet of raw oysters served over ice.

Chester’s bar will feature four different kinds of fresh shucked oysters served with cocktail and mignonette sauces. Customers can get ½ dozen or full dozen and can mix and match to get a perspective on oysters from different waters.

Chester’s also will offer some cooked seafood specialties for summer, including oyster pan stew, New England Clam Chowder and fried oysters, as well as cold offerings such mini shrimp ceviche tacos, cold smoked salmon and Maine lobster rolls.

For more information, call 316-201-1300.

Follow the link to see details and prices on the summer offerings. (more…)