Dining With Denise Neil

A love letter to... cake

I was on a road trip this weekend when an e-mail from a reader landed in my inbox and made me laugh halfway across Kansas and Missouri — and only partially because it took me that long to read it.

The e-mail was from Mike Levand, and as you will see if you click on to the next page, Mike Levand loves the tres leches cake at Juarez Bakery, a wonderful Wichita business at 1068 N. Waco.

Mike went on and on and on…and on about his love for this cake, in ever more descriptive terms. Just when I thought he’d sold it all it could be sold, he sold it some more. This ode to tres leches weighed in at an impressive 576 words.

I love Juarez Bakery and its fabulous Mexican pastries, which are bready but sweet without being too sweet. I must exercise great self restraint to keep myself stopping there every day. I’ve never tried the tres leches cake, but Mike has most definitely persuaded me that I’ve been remiss.

I will correct this immediately, Mike.

Read on and you will find Mike’s description of the pastry love of his life, which is so good, it makes him want to “weep very gently.”