Dining With Denise Neil

An ode to cupcakes

My 5-year-old daughter made this cupcake especially for me using my Cupcakes! iPhone app.Carrie’s fabulous news today that a CUPCAKERY will likely open in Wichita (is there a better word than CUPCAKERY?) got me thinking today about those individually sized cups of heaven.

I do so love cupcakes, and despite the fact that I don’t get to eat them very often, they’re a regular part of my life.

For one, my little girl is addicted to the cupcake app on my iPhone, which allows users to choose wrappers, batter flavor, frosting and decorations for their own little digital cupcakes, and she’s learned that my favorite involves the color red and the flavor chocolate. She bakes ‘em for me all the time. (Maverick, the software designer, also has pizza, toast, salad, sundae and cookie-making apps, each of which costs 99 cents. Collect them all! Never go e-hungry!)

I also have several cupcake-adoring Twitter friends, who regularly tweet about baking, decorating and eating all manners of cupcakes, especially Funfetti flavored. My friend Carly (last name not really Benatar), a regular dining chat participant, is a particularly ardent fan. Exhibit A:

I just don’t see how all of our lives will not be vastly improved by a CUPCAKERY in our midst.