Dining With Denise Neil

Have you heard how busy she's been?

My colleague Carrie Rengers, she of the “Have You Heard” blog, has an uncanny ability to somehow find out about businesses that are opening (or not opening) almost before the people opening them even know. Restaurants are her specialty.

Carrie’s been on a roll lately, so I thought I’d round up some of her restaurant headlines, just in case you missed ‘em.

Probably no BenchWarmers after all: Mainly because the guy who was going to open the sports bar at 37th and Rock is now incarcerated.

Piccadilly Express, the downtown version of the Latour anchor, has closed.

Orange Leaf frozen yogurt is planning a third shop at Central and Greenwich. PEANUT BUTTER FROYO FOR ALL!

Frida’s, which made my favorite Wichita Mexican food, is closed for now while owners look for a new location. I have threatened physical harm to owner Mario Quiroz if he fails to reopen.

The Chili’s that closed last year at 21st and Greenwich is reopening.

That’s all for now. But give her five minutes or so.