Dining With Denise Neil

Fun with fryers

Deeeeeeep fried carrot cake at Shorty Small'sThe Kansas State Fair is know for selling all kinds of delicious deep fried absurdities, from Oreos to Twinkies to Coca Cola.

Now, a local restaurant is having fun with its fryer, too. Aaron Eveland, the service manager of Shorty Small’s, a family restaurant at 12112 W. Maple, is a very funny guy who I follow on Twitter. A while ago, he started tweeting about a new hobby — deep frying his dessert menu.

Shorty Small’s already has deep fried Twinkies as a regular menu item, but Eveland and his staff figured why stop there?

“We started off with fried caramel cheese cake — pretty tasty,” he said. “It slowly moved through our entire dessert line up, each getting better than the first.”

They reached fried nirvana when they hit carrot cake, an idea inspired by a loyal customer. Deep fried carrot cake is not on the menu, but the staff will make it by request, and they’re selling three or four a week, Eveland said.

That oughta get you through till Fair time.