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Live chat: Tanya's and Cajun/Creole food

Here's an excerpt from Denise Neil's live dining chat, which took place at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at Denise will be back with another live chat at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 1.

LadyTate: Still need to get to Tanya's new spot. my poor tastebuds are angry at

Denise: My coworkers and I got carryout from Tanya's Soup Kitchen yesterday, and the line was MUCH more manageable. Almost non existent. Either it's slowing down or it was just an off day. But it was chicken curry day, so I doubt it!

cpreynolds: Is Tanya's doing well still?

Denise: It appears to be. It's always full when I go there. And I don't count the line not being around the block anymore as a bad thing. There was still a line yesterday, just a more manageable line.

LadyTate: Have you been for dinner yet? Tanya's that is.

Denise: Not yet, though I'm always tempted, especially now that she's serving libations.

cpreynolds: Not really soup weather though.

Denise: That may have been what was working in my hate-to-wait favor yesterday.

soyboy: Any good Cajun/Creole/n'Awlins style joints in Wichita?

Denise: Well, the only places I know of are Red Bean's out west and Da Cajun Shak out east.

Phil: Da Cajun shack is good on 21st and Woodlawn.

Jaime: Red Beans Bayou Grill. Just there the other night and it is fantastic! It went through a rough period a couple of years ago but it is back!

Denise: Red Bean's does have some good stuff on the menu.

Amber: Agree on Red Bean's! They always have amazing service when we go.

Denise: That's another place that amazes me how it just keeps going and going.

Jaime: Here's a picture from Red Beans. (Eagle photographer Jaime Green submits a picture of her husband, Carter, peeling crawfish at Red Beans.)

Denise: Aren't you just helpful? I hate mudbugs. Not the band. The band is great. I hate mudbugs the food. Too many runny brains. Too much work for too little payoff. Story of my life. Haha.