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Tanya Tandoc's foodie credentials are firmly intact. Not only did she used to run a very popular Wichita restaurant — Tanya's Soup Kitchen — but she's also a notorious fan of food, especially off-the-beaten-path local food.

So when Tandoc posts on her Facebook page a list of local dining recommendations, her 1,002 (and counting) friends tend to listen.

The list was so interesting, we asked permission to re-publish parts of it here, written in her own unique voice.

* The Artichoke, 811 N. Broadway: Nancy's #8 with jalapenos, light on the cream cheese

* The Anchor, 1109 E. Douglas: Sweet potato fries, chicken fajita quesadilla

* The Beacon, 909 E. Douglas: Diet plate (I know it's weird, but I don't like breakfast food). Everything on the plate is white.

* Bella Luna: Hummus shawarma with chicken

* Byblos, 3088 W. 13th St.: Falafel, or the chicken sandwich

* Caffe Moderne, 300 N. Mead: The Josephine sandwich.

* Copper Oven, 2409 W. 13th St.: Saturday breakfast specials

* Da Nang, 1556 N. Broadway: Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) with extra vegetables

* De Fazio's, 2706 N. Amidon: Chicken piccata

* Donut Whole, 1720 E. Douglas: For me it is the cherry cordial all the way.

* Taqueria El Paisa, 2227 N. Arkansas: Tacos al pastor, shrimp cocktail, chile relleno plate

* Freddy's Frozen Custard: Steakburger, chocolate custard

* Frida's, 1580 W. 21st St., carnitas piratas

* Hana Cafe, 325 N. Mead: Sushi, bibimbap, nearly everything is good.

* Harry's Uptown, 3023 E. Douglas: B-52 burger or the sirloin steak

* Japan Express, 2250 N. Rock Road: I love everything.

* Juarez Bakery, 1068 N. Waco: Yes.

* Kim Huong, 1015 N. Broadway: # 16 Pho with brisket and lean beef

* Knolla's: All their pizzas are fabulous, but we always get one with everything.

* Kwan Court, 1443 N. Rock Road: Dragon roll, shrimp with black beans

* La Galette, 1017 W. Douglas: Lentil soup, potato pie, fattouch

* Larkspur, 904 E. Douglas: Salmon Nicoise salad ( I have eaten at least 300 of these if not more).

* Laura's Super Tortas, 1425 E. Central: Whatever you get will be delicious. Add guacamole and don't eat again for days.

* Le Monde, 602 N. West St.: Whatever the special is

* Luciano's: 216 W. Main St., Mulvane: OMG anything

* Maharaja, 1701 N. Broadway: Just go there.

* My Tho, 500 E. Central, #4

* Malaysia Cafe, 7777 E. 21st St. and 601 S. Greenwich: Beef rendang, any spicy weird curry thing

* Manna Wok, 4865 E. Harry: Stone bowl rice; the kimchee is out of this world.

* Metro Grill , Towne East Square: Just go there and eat anything. Love the Bob sandwich.

* My Cahn, 2959 S. Hillside: Caramel catfish

* N&J Cafe, 5600 E. Lincoln: Cabbage rolls, hummus, baba ghanoush, fattouch, pretty much everything is delicious.

* Nancy's Amazing Sandwiches, 5125 N. Maize Road: My old Milano sandwich

* Old Mill Tasty Shop, 604 E. Douglas: Green chili, chicken salad sandwich, specials

* Passage to India, 6140 E. 21st St. N.: Samosas, naan, chicken saag, chicken tikka masala, lamb biryani

* Pho Hot, 2409 E. Pawnee: ANYTHING

* Piccadilly, 7728 E. Central: Ciabatta bread and bakery items

* Rostizeria Los Reyes, 512 W. 21st St.: Chicken mole, their fresh tortillas

* Sumo, 11233 E. 13th St.: Sushi, of course, and expensive fancy cocktails

* Sabor, 309 N. Mead and 1720 N. Webb Road: Fish tacos

* Saigon, 1103 N. Broadway: Spring rolls, plate A6 with grilled chicken and kimchee

* Sport Burger, 1602 E. Harry: Yes, please

* Thai House, 969 N. West St.: Tom Kha

* Thai Tradition, 650 N. Carriage Parkway: Green curry, red curry, duck curry, fried spring rolls

* Uptown Bistro, 301 N. Mead: Wine and the special, thank you!

* Usuleteco Salvadoran, 1714 E. Northern St.: Pupusas and pina drink

* Watermark Cafe, 4701 E. Douglas: Turkey sandwich, tomato bisque, Mediterranean wrap, meat loaf sandwich

* Zaytun, 2020 N. Woodlawn: Persian lunch buffet, cute waiters!