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First Friday lineup

First Friday will celebrate its first birthday this weekend with another downtown music crawl. Following is the schedule:

5 to 9 p.m.

* Farm & Art Market, First Friday 1-Year Anniversary Celebration featuring Spirit of the Stairs, Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy, The Ruckus, A Squared, and Mannish Law

6:30 p.m.

* CityArts, 334 N. Mead, Ron Land & Stitch Miller (folk)

7 p.m.

* Oeno, 330 N. Mead,

Toni Williams and Aaron Newton (jazz/r&b)

7:30 p.m.

* Larkspur , 904 E. Douglas, jazz

* Kelly's, 917 E. Douglas, Deadman Flats, Flatland Dub Club (bluegrass, dub reggae)

* Zoomdweebie's Tea Bar, 3010 E. Central, Rudy Love Jr. (r&b/soul)

8 p.m.

* Riverside Perk, 1144 N. Bitting, Tom Page Trio (dust bowl rock 'n' roll)

* BE Salon. 2320 E. Douglas, The Early Lights, Powerlifter (electronica, breakbeat)

* Mead's Corner, 430 E. Douglas, Elliot Road (bluegrass/folk)

* The Cotillion, 11120 W. Kellogg, Zoso (Led Zeppelin Tribute)

9:30 p.m.

* Frida's, 1580 W. 21st St., Midnight Rider, The Ruckus, Nate Williams (ska, jam, funk/jazz)

10 p.m.

* Blue Lounge, 608 E. Douglas The Trees, Calamity Cubes (bluegrass)

* Rock Island Live, 101 Rock Island, Gooding (progressive rock)