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Tallgrass filmmaker questionnaire: Nick Brown, ‘Plenty of You to Go Around’

Nick Brown, “Plenty of You to Go Around”
Nick Brown, “Plenty of You to Go Around” Courtesy photo

Nick Brown, director, “Plenty of You to Go Around”

Currently residing in: Wichita

Genre(s): Science fiction

When is it screening? 8 p.m. Saturday at Scottish Rite

Tell us about your film in 10 words or less: Cautionary tale that proves you get what you pay for.

Why were you drawn to tell this story? Luck of the draw – this was for a 24-hour film race. We drew the elements sci-fi and “The Fool.” I wanted to make something dark and poignant. I think good sci-fi makes use of social critique and ethical dilemma, so when our group was coming up with ideas we made sure to have that as a key feature of the story. Cloning seemed like a good way to incorporate those elements, and keep it visually interesting, so that’s what we went with.

How long did you work on the film? 22 hours, 43 minutes.

Who are directors you look up to/are inspired by: David Fincher, Danny Boyle, Jean-Pierre Junet, Wes Anderson, the Coens.

What’s your favorite film? Just one? Maybe: “Children of Men.”

Do you prefer jumping off a cliff or taking the long, winding way down? I always take the long way.

Been to Wichita before? I’ve driven through a few times.

Be honest. Ever mutter the phrase, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”? I try to avoid muttering; it taints my perfect diction.

Any advice for aspiring filmmakers? Make plenty of films, but take time to reflect and learn from them in between. Don’t rush preproduction. Work with people smarter than you. Take suggestions, but don’t let anyone compromise your vision.