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Movies to get you in the Riverfest spirit

“Whiskey on a Sunday” chronicles Flogging Molly, which will perform at Riverfest on June 5.
“Whiskey on a Sunday” chronicles Flogging Molly, which will perform at Riverfest on June 5. Courtesy photo

Riverfest is here! There is so much to do, see, eat and listen to that you’ll be giddily exhausted by the end of the day.

You’ll no doubt need to catch your breath, but if you want to stay in the Riverfest mood while you rest, here are six movies to watch that are inspired by this year’s events and concerts (all are available on DVD or online):

▪  “Chariots of Fire” — Gearing up for the River Run on June 9? What better way to get in the mood than to watch this 1981 Oscar winner for best picture. It follows two British track athletes – one a determined Jewish man and the other a devout Christian – who prepare for the 1924 Olympics. It features an iconic Oscar-winning score by Vangelis that is sure to get your racing juices flowing (and let’s face it, you’re going to be hearing that score in your head while you race, anyway).

▪  “Can’t Stop the Music” — The “Wet & Wild Disco Dance Party with the Village People” will be Wednesday night on the Kennedy Plaza stage, and the macho men will perform in all their leather/feathery glory. To get your disco veins pumping, try watching this 1980 film that loosely – albeit campily – chronicles how the group came to be, starring Valerie Perrine as a fashion model who helps her roommate (Steve Guttenberg) form a group to perform songs he wrote and get a record deal. Ah, dream big, buddy.

▪  “Flogging Molly: Whiskey on a Sunday” — Shot over the course of two years, this 2006 documentary chronicles Irish-infused rock band Flogging Molly as they tour seven countries. The film also tracks the musicians from their humble bar-band roots to their worldwide success. The band will perform June 5 on the Kennedy Plaza Stage.

▪  “Beauty Is Embarrassing” — Riverfest’s first-ever artist-in-residence Wayne White is the subject of this 2012 documentary and film festival hit that played at Wichita’s Tallgrass Film Festival in 2012. The film chronicles the vaulted highs and the crushing lows of White’s career as he struggles to find peace and balance between his work and his art.

▪  “Underdogs” — A new event at Riverfest this year is a human foosball tournament, and this 2013 animated film from Argentina is a perfect companion, about table-soccer figurines that come to life to battle a bully who wants to destroy them.

▪  “Introducing: Easton Corbin” — This aired on the Great American Country network and chronicles the rising career of up-and-coming country singer Easton Corbin, who will perform on the Kennedy Plaza stage at Sunday night. The mini-doc follows Corbin’s journey in creating his popular debut album and the pressures of creating its follow-up, “All Over the Road.”