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Screen Scene for week of Sept. 1: ‘Close Encounters’ re-release and ‘Inhumans’ in IMAX

Cary Guffey stars in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”
Cary Guffey stars in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” File photo

Special releases

▪  “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” – Steven Spielberg’s 1977 science fiction classic is back in domestic theaters for a one-week run to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary with a special 4K restoration of the director’s cut, which stars Richard Dreyfuss as a man on a mission after a brush with a UFO. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and sparked my obsession with mashed potatoes. Really.

▪  “Inhumans” – Wichita’s Warren IMAX will join 1,000 other IMAX theaters around the world to show the first two episodes of Marvel’s new ABC series “Inhumans” – two weeks before it hits TV. The first two episodes were shot using digital large-format IMAX cameras. The series will follow an isolated community of superhumans fighting to protect themselves. Expect to see more of this IMAX-TV crossover if this marketing stunt is a hit – and it should be.

Also new this week

▪  “Hazlo Como Hombre” – This Spanish-language comedy (with English subtitles) follows a man who is about to marry his best friend’s sister – until he tells both of them that he is gay. (Awk-werrrrd!) His distraught fiancee struggles to process the news while his alpha-male buddy refuses to believe it’s true.

▪  “Tulip Fever” – An artist (Dane DeHaan) falls for a young married woman (Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, “The Danish Girl”) while he’s commissioned to paint her portrait during the Tulip mania of 17th-century Amsterdam. Christoph Waltz, Jack O’Connell, Zach Galifianakis and Judi Dench also star.