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Fans of original ‘RoboCop’ create their own remake

With the release of “RoboCop,” we’re again subjected to another needless remake of a fan favorite.

There was absolutely no reason to revisit the 1987 original that starred Peter Weller as the half-man/half-machine futuristic cop.

Fans of the original “RoboCop” loudly protested the remake. And now about 50 of them have collaborated on a full-length remake of the film, calling it “Our RoboCop Remake.”

It’s a crowd-sourced film project where filmmakers split the original film into individual pieces and remade them. It’s not necessarily a shot-for-shot remake, but a scene-for-scene retelling.

The “about” section of the film’s website says: “As big fans of the original ‘RoboCop,’ and as filmmakers and film fans admittedly rolling our eyes at the Hollywood remake machine, we’ve elected to do this remake thing our own way. Because if anyone is going to ruin RoboCop, it’s us.”

You can view the film for free at It’s pretty cool stuff.

I’ll also join the sentiment that remakes are out of control. But there are some films that I think deserve a remake, such as these:


“Logan’s Run” –

The 1987 original that starred Michael York as a futuristic policeman known as a “Sandman” is one of my favorite films of all time. But its special effects and sets were hardly believable (you can practically see dried glue on the miniatures).

A remake with today’s special-effects and art direction capacities would befit the story, about a society where people are allowed to live only until they’re 30. And for a while, Hollywood seemed to agree. A “Logan’s Run” remake has been in development lingo for years, with several directors and actors attached at one point (most recently, Ryan Gosling was set to star and Nicolas Winding Refn of “Drive” was set to direct, but both have since left the project). The film remains in development.


“Flash Gordon”

– I know, I know, there are some hardcore fans that love this 1980 film, too. But I think we deserve a tougher, less-campy vision of “Flash.” (The original looked like a close cousin to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” I was expecting Dr. Frank-N-Furter to show up at any minute).


“Fantastic Voyage” –

Imagine this film, about a group of doctors who shrink themselves to go into someone’s body to remove a blood clot, with today’s special effects and sound design. Shawn Levy certainly did – he was tapped to direct a remake with John Cameron producing. But that was two years ago.


“Catwoman” –

Sorry for reminding you of this 2004 atrocity, where Halle Berry amazingly emerged unscathed, but a remake would wipe the slate clean. And we’ve seen what a sexy, maniacal version of Catwoman is like after Anne Hathaway played her in “The Dark Knight Rises,” so bring on more of that.


“The Last Starfighter” –

Sure, there was nothing wrong with the 1984 original. And it still stands on its own, about a video-gaming boy recruited as a gunner for an alien defense force, but it was just so


. A special-effects overhaul would work wonders. Maybe Dane DeHann as the lead?