What’s the top Halloween costume in Kansas?

Pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in Liberty, Missouri
Pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in Liberty, Missouri Kansas City Star

Pumpkin carving, caramel apple eating, costume planning and haunted house scaring are in full swing as Halloween approaches. So here’s a look at this year’s Halloween season via the top Google searches for costumes, activities and trends.

Judging from Google searches, Kansans love pumpkin patches

And searches for decorations have been more popular than candy

Wichita searched costumes for “Harley Quinn” more than any other costume this year. Quinn’s a fictional supervillain in comic books, movies and TV shows. She’s also the most popular costume via Google searches nationwide.

Here’s this year’s top costume searches nationwide

1. Harley Quinn

2. Joker

3. Superhero

4. Pirate

5. Wonder Woman

And the most-searched couple costumes

1. Purge couple costumes

2. Bonnie and Clyde

3. “Grease” couple costumes

4. Vampire couple costumes

5. ’80s couple costumes

Top Google queries for Halloween

The No. 1 Halloween-related question was “When is Halloween?” So let’s just clear that up now: it’s Oct. 31, people.

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