Refresh dining room before guests arrive

From our design experts, here small things you can do to give your dining room a minor face-lift before Thanksgiving Day dinner.

* If you have a favorite vintage textile or piece of fabric, hem it and have it cleaned. You can layer it on top of a simple white tablecloth, to create a rich texture on your dining table.

* If your floor is bare or your area rug is worn out, an inexpensive sisal rug will add an instant pick-me-up. To determine the size, Meredith Ericksen says: "Measure the top of the dining table and add 27 to 30 inches to all four sides."

* Keep a Thanksgiving guest book. Visitors can write what they are thankful for. Take it out year after year, and it will be a favorite family heirloom of celebrations gone by.

* Arrange your child's leaf collection on the table and include jars of acorns they've collected.

* Hang a wreath in front of a large mirror, using a cream or white ribbon for contrast.

* If you don't have curtains, drape garland around your windows to frame them. Later in the season, hang ornaments from the center of the window at varying heights.

* Instead of flowers, arrange fruits, vegetables or gourds down the center of a dining table, or amber votive candles that cast a warm glow.