Keeper of the Plans

For $20, animal-lovers can visit this wildlife park all year

Bystanders feed lemurs at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.
Bystanders feed lemurs at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. File photo

If you or your kids are animal-lovers, Tanganyika Wildlife Park has a deal for you.

From now until March 14, season passes to the Goddard park are $19.99 per person – that’s the same as one adult ticket to the park.

A season pass grants the bearer unlimited free admission to Tanganyika throughout 2017. It opens March 17 and closes Nov. 12.

One season ticket is only good for one person – you cannot pass around one ticket to different members of the family, for example. They are tied to one person’s name.

If you went to Tanganyika every single weekend throughout the season, that would average out to about 57 cents per visit.

Season passes do not cover money for feeding the animals – feeding passes are available for purchase each time you visit, or “frequent feeder passes” are available for $25, and allow five free feedings per visit.

Tickets are available for purchase online at, by calling the park at 316-794-8954, or by visiting in person at 1000 S. Hawkins Lane, near Goddard.

Five baby cheetahs were born at Goddard's Tanganyika Wildlife Park in December 2016. (Footage courtesy of Tanganyika Wildlife Park)

Carnivore keeper Candice Dymek weighs and feeds some of the 21 kittens born recently at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Among the animals that gave birth were snow leopards, clouded leopards, Eurasian lynx, African serval, amur leopards and jaguars at t