‘Find Her’ latest psychological thriller by Lisa Gardner

“Find Her” by Lisa Gardner (Dutton, 416 pages, $27)

Lisa Gardner is the master of the psychological thriller and her latest, “Find Her,” focuses as much on the step-by-step methods of solving a case and the turmoil and disruption of the victim trying to adjust after suffering a terrifying ordeal.

Gut-wrenching is an understatement when trying to describe the kidnapping of Flora Dane. She spent over 15 months in the hands of a monster and over time lost her true self. Flora’s family was thrilled when she was finally rescued, but quickly realized the woman they lost was never coming back.

Flora never tells anyone everything that happened. She has experienced the worst and now feels a responsibility to help others. She puts herself at risk to capture the worst of the worst and rescue other women so they don’t have to go through what she did.

One night a bartender kidnaps Flora, but she turns the tables and kills him. Enter the police and D.D. Warren to investigate. Warren is Gardner’s series detective, and her strength and determination for truth and justice are needed, especially since she questions Flora’s motives. Due to an injury, Warren is on light duty, but that doesn’t stop her from digging into Flora’s life and a case involving a missing young woman. Is the bartender tied into the missing person, or does Flora know more than she’s letting on?

The world of the FBI, the terror of abduction and victim advocates blend into this tense and sometimes hard thriller. Gardner knows how to invoke emotions, and readers will be forced to deal with tough questions that don’t necessarily have answers.