Like to read? Have we got a challenge for you in the new year

Can you read a book a month?

Of course you can.

Maybe you already read plenty, but you want to broaden your scope with a wider variety of books. Are you curious about graphic novels? Do you love to explore the world through reading? Are you excited about the new downtown Wichita library set to open in 2018?

If so, this year’s Wichita Eagle #ReadICT Challenge is for you. The concept is simple and doable: Read 12 books from 12 different categories in 12 months.

We made the categories flexible, so you can bend and twist them to meet your reading habits or goals. We also created a handy printable to help you track your reading.

Here are the categories:

1. A library book

2. A detective novel or true crime book

3. A book about reading or writing

4. A book set somewhere you’ve never been

5. A book recommended/given/loaned to you by a friend

6. A book with an animal on the cover

7. A graphic novel

8. An essay or short story collection

9. A book by an author of a different ethnicity than you

10. A book about a topic in the news

11. A book published the year you were born

12. A book by an author slated to visit Wichita in 2018

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We’re excited to partner with the Wichita Public Library for this year’s reading challenge. You can track your reading online at the library’s website, Register for the program beginning Monday.

Any book, audiobook or e-book will count. Once you’ve completed the challenge, return your form to any Wichita library location, and you’ll be eligible to win one of six seats at a special luncheon, where we’ll no doubt talk about books and reading.

Twelve books may sound like a lot – and for most Americans, it is. According to a 2016 survey by the Pew Research Center, more than one in four adults (27 percent) said they had not read a book within the previous year. The typical American has read four books in the past 12 months.

This challenge is meant to inspire and encourage you. If you didn’t read a single book last year, set a goal to read one or two. Ask a friend for a recommendation – that’s category No. 5! – or rediscover a favorite author whose work you haven’t checked out in a while.

The library’s monthly online book club – ICTBC, with librarians Sara Dixon and Racine Zackula – will play along through the year, selecting books that fit into the challenge categories. On Jan. 17, from 12:30 to 1 p.m., join us on Facebook Live as we talk about this year’s challenge and offer book recommendations.

You’re also encouraged to join our Wichita Eagle #ReadICT Challenge group on Facebook, where local readers share their picks, post bookish links and celebrate reading accomplishments.

For ideas about books to read that might fulfill our new categories, check out my picks for the 2018 #ReadICT Challenge as well. I look forward to another year of reading with all of you.

Suzanne Perez Tobias: 316-268-6567, @suzannetobias