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Final Friday gallery crawl (May 29, 2015)

4:30-8:30: Delano Barbeque Co., 710 W. Douglas (Wilfried Fathi) (starts at 4:30)

5-7: Marcia McCoy Studio, 5020 E. Central (Final Final Friday), Wichita Center for the Arts, 9112 E. Central (annual student faculty exhibition)

5-7:30: Sandbar Trading, 922 E. Douglas (Native American art)

5-8: CityArts, 334 N. Mead (works by Sonny Laracuente, Chad Gorges and photography by the Wichita State University Aperture Club); Gallery at Artworks, 7724 E. Central, Suite 300 (Joseph Loganbill, Call Krallman, Brian Hinkle and Don Lind)

5-9: Botanica, 701 N. Amidon (“Amuse Bouche: A Taste of Wichita’s Finest”); Springpark Gallery, 3555 E. Douglas (etching, aquatints and more)

5:30-8:30: Adecco, 230 N. Mosley, Suite B (various art and Adecco and Junior Achievement)

5:30-9: Tessera Fine Art Gallery, 412 E. Douglas (“Abstractions from the Edge”)

5:30-9:30: Formerly 3D Studio, 511 E. Douglas (sculptures by Greg Johnson; oil paintings by Greg Walker and Charles Leonard; street performances by local musicians)

5:30-10: Gallery XII, 412 E. Douglas (opening reception for “A Walk Among the Trees” by Jan Klassen and sculptures by Don Lind)

6-9: R Coffee House, 1144 N. Bitting (oil on canvas works by Greg Walker and Charles Leonard); Reverie Coffee Roasters, 2611 E. Douglas (Adam Crispin)

6-10: The Fiber Studio, 418 S. Commerce (“Earth Elements,” works by Pam Sullivan and Chris Wolf Edmonds); Go Away Garage Gallery, 508 S. Commerce (“A Story of Reflection”); Hue Gallery, 430 S. Commerce (“Prismatic”); Shift Space Gallery, 416 S. Commerce (BFA studio art exhibition); Visual Fusion Graphic Design Studio, 623 W. Douglas (Jami Moore: “Super Happy Fun Time”)

6:30-9: Mead Street Gallery, 121 N. Mead (works by Dennis Foye)

6:30-9:30: Jury Eye Care, 926 E. Douglas (“Painting for Big Boys,” works by Michael Granite)

6:30-10: Prairie Vistas Gallery, 151 N. Rock Island (Kansas landscape photography by John D. Morrison)

7-9: Sunflower Plaza, 417 E. Gilbert (“Things From the Heart”)

7-10: Integrated Facilities Group, 125 S. Washington No. 200 (Charles Baughman; music by Jim Keefer and associate); Murillo Studios, 119 N. Mead (Josh Tripoli and Skyler Lewis: “Guardians”)

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