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Adam Capps Band live from the Eagle

Adam Capps of the Adam Capps Band plays an acoustic set at the Wichita Eagle on Aug. 24. Original songs, "On the Edge" and "Memories on the Road." (Matt Riedl/The Wichita Eagle)
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Adam Capps of the Adam Capps Band plays an acoustic set at the Wichita Eagle on Aug. 24. Original songs, "On the Edge" and "Memories on the Road." (Matt Riedl/The Wichita Eagle)

It wasn’t until Adam Capps tore his Achilles tendon that he considered really getting serious into the music thing.

As a track athlete at Wichita State University, the injury kept him off his feet for his senior season in 2011.

That gave him ample time to pick up a guitar and write songs – he’d been playing since he was in seventh grade, but never before did he have such free time.

“It’s amazing how my injury turned into me having to play guitar,” said the 28-year-old Capps. “I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do nothing, so I picked up a guitar a little bit more and started writing a lot more, and in 2011, the year I graduated, I got the band together.”

That decision is paying dividends for Capps, whose Southern-rock four-piece Adam Capps Band has been on the rise in the local country scene – a pretty big deal in Wichita.

The Adam Capps Band, which formed in late 2012, has played two straight Kicker Country Stampede festivals at Tuttle Creek State Park near Manhattan. It usually plays at least two gigs a week – sometimes with just Capps, sans band – and in late July the band released its debut full-length album, “Play It Proud,” featuring 10 original songs.

The band has a unique mix of musicians – Capps is the youngest by many years, and he leads a trio of longtime Wichita musicians who played in local rock bands decades ago. Danny Burt, known to many Wichitans in the 1990s as “Dangerous Dan” from T-95, plays drums; Bill Hemmert plays rhythm guitar; and Chuck Simon plucks the bass.

The band’s schedule includes playing in small towns like Burrton, Beaumont, Ellsworth and Colwich.

Capps, a Wichita native and Bishop Carroll grad, said he recognizes the importance of bringing shows to small Kansas towns.

“Honestly when you go to places like that, people appreciate good music,” Capps said. “Sometimes in the bigger cities that you can go to ... you get 3(00), 400 people, but 300 of them aren’t paying attention. If you go to a small place that appreciates live music, you might only have 25-30 people, but every single one of those people are focused on you and your music, and that makes a big difference for me.”

You can catch the Adam Capps Band live at the Beaumont Hotel and Bar Friday, Aug. 26, and at the Barn in Burrton on Saturday, Aug. 27. On Sept. 16, the band plays at a beer garden at the Kansas State Fair the same night as Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“Once Skynyrd’s done, hopefully the after party comes over to us,” Capps said.

You can find the band’s debut album on Amazon, iTunes, and at www.adamcappsmusic.com.

To get a taste for Capp’s songs, catch an acoustic set Capps recorded at the Wichita Eagle earlier this week on Kansas.com.

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