Playboy Playmate of the Month is a Southeast High grad who has a lot to say about Wichita

A Wichita girl who graduated from Southeast High School in 2015 is Playboy magazine’s “Playmate of the Month” for May, and in an accompanying profile in the magazine, she has a lot to say about her hometown.

Abigail O’Neill, now a Los Angeles-based model, is featured in an 11-page spread in the magazine’s spring edition. Playboy became a quarterly magazine this year.

The piece, headlined “Aqua Vitae,” appears on pages 124-135 of the magazine. The full-color spread features O’Neill in various states of undress in various bodies of water, including in a bathtub and in a swimming pool.

In the accompanying text, O’Neill identifies her birthplace as Wichita and talks about how she got away from Kansas as soon as she could.

“When I was 18, I packed my bags, rounded up $2,000 and got out of Kansas without saying a word to anyone,” she’s quoted as saying. “...I just wasn’t happy in Kansas, where I knew everyone and just felt complacent, like I wasn’t destined to be there.”

O’Neill said she went to the University of Kansas for a semester before packing up and moving to Seattle, sleeping in her car on the journey there. When she arrived, she attended Seattle University and started doing fitness modeling. Her agent at Wilhelmina brought up the idea of modeling for Playboy, she said.

abby 1.jpg
Wichita native Abigail O’Neill is now a Los Angeles-based model who is featured on an 11-page spread in the latest issue of Playboy magazine. Courtesy Playboy

“To be honest, I was a little worried about what my dad would think, but at the same time, I was excited,” she told the magazine.

O’Neill also talks about her devotion to fitness and how she started shopping for her own groceries at age 13 because she didn’t feel her family ate healthily. She’s a trainer at heart, she said, and she’s always looking for activities that get her heart racing.

Her family supports her in all that she does, she said.

“My dad convinced me that if I was ever having a hard time, I could come back to Kansas, but I think they’ve given up on that,” she said. “Clearly, I made the jump.”

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