Ten things every married man should have

Man is a beast: a machine made to hunt and eat and reproduce. Put tools in his hands, however, and he becomes a creature capable of building and maintaining a civilization. These are the tools essential for every married man’s lifelong quest to civilize the beast within, says Eric San Juan, author of “Stuff Every Husband Should Know,” Quirk Books:

1. A small toolbox with essentials for basic home improvements: hammer, screwdrivers, measuring tape, pliers, etc.

2. Two pairs of dress shoes (brown and black).

3. A family AAA membership.

4. Duct tape. There’s nothing it can’t do.

5. A nice suit. Classic, not trendy.

6. A semi-expensive leisure item that must be used away from home (e.g., golf clubs, a mountain bike, skis).

7. A couch comfortable enough to sleep on.

8. A legal will and life insurance policy.

9. Health insurance. When you’re single you can let it slide. But you’re not single anymore.

10. At least one photo of your wife (and kids) on your person at all times.