Bar and grill lets you eat, drink – and play video games

Gaming can be a solitary activity.

But Ryan Revard, a video-game addict who also has a mixology degree, decided that it didn’t have to be.

He dreamed up an idea for a new business, which he called Headshots Bar & Grill and opened earlier this month at 6140 E 21st St., No. 170.

It’s a restaurant and bar first, he said, but the space offers a way for grown-up video game players to get together and meet people who share their passion for Mario Kart and Miller time.

Half of the space is filled with a bar and standard restaurant tables and chairs. The other half has a series of half-circular leather sofas facing television sets fitted with various video game consoles, from Nintendo Wii to PlayStation 3 to Xbox 360.

Patrons can order beer plus bar fare such as burgers, nachos, fish and chips. Or, they can fill up the couches and choose from a library of video games -- “Mario Kart,” “Mortal Kombat,” “Call of Duty,” and more.

Preferably, Revard said, they’ll do both.

“I think most people who play games want to be social in some way,” Revard said. “But they don’t have a place do go and do that. Most people who like to play games are at home playing games.”

So far, Revard said, the business has been attracting a mixed crowd. Many repeat visitors come from nearby houses and apartments and are happy to have a neighborhood bar and grill where they can grab a beer and a burger after work.

Many others are video game fans who like that they have a place to meet people who share their hobby.

Revard doesn’t charge people to play the games in his library. He even invites customers to bring in their own games to play.

In the future, he hopes to organize video game tournaments and other gaming events.

Revard says he has nine gaming consoles running at any given time. He has at least 20 consoles on premises and can easily move them around to where people want to use them.

Headshots is open for all ages until 10 p.m., but after that, it’s just for ages 21 and over.

So far, Revard said, he’s getting good feedback from his target gamer demographic, and business is growing every day.

“It’s a real chill and real calm environment,” he said. “You can come in and relax. I feel like Wichita doesn’t have a lot of open lounge places where you can come in meet new people who share interests with you.”