Which Wichita radio stations are moving spots on the dial?

Getty Images

KFH FM, the radio station on the dial at 98.7 FM, is moving frequencies, making room for KNSS-AM to find a home on the FM dial, according to a release from the station’s owner, Entercom.

Starting on Wednesday, Oct. 12, KFH will reside at 97.5 FM. The station, which airs sports radio shows like Mike and Mike in the morning, Jim Rome and The Drive with Bob and Jeff Lutz, will continue operate at 1240 AM, too.

The move will allow KNSS, which currently operates at 1330 on the AM dial, to find an FM home. It will take over the 98.7 FM spot while remaining at 1330 on the AM dial. KNSS is known for its morning news talk shows like Steve and Ted in the Morning, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.