Fine felines

Anyone who likes cats is sure to have a purr-fectly wonderful time at a show where 200 well-groomed felines will be on display.

The Wichita Cat Fancy show takes place this weekend at the Cotillion. It's a chance for fans of the furry creatures to check them out, but also for anyone who's ever wanted to own a cat to learn more about breeds, temperament and care.

Here's what you'll find at the show:

1. About 200 cats are expected, representing exotic breeds such as the Birman, Bombay, Norwegian Forest cat, Persian, Siberian, Turkish Angora, Scottish fold, Havana brown, Japanese bobtail, Russian blue and Somali.

2. The American Cat Fanciers Association, with which the show is associated, recognizes 41 breeds, said Jan Rogers, a cat judge from Texas who will be at the show. The most popular cats in America right now, she said, are the Persian, Maine coon and exotic shorthair.

3. Rogers is one of eight judges who will be evaluating felines at the show, looking for cats that best match up to the standards for their breed. Cats earn points for features such as their ears, eyes, coat and color.

4. While there will be plenty of purebred cats at the show, the household pet category also celebrates the joy that even the most humble feline can provide its owner. In this category, the only requirement is that cats be clean, neutered and declawed.

5. Cat show ambassadors wearing badges that say "Ask me" will be available to answer questions about different breeds. They can also introduce showgoers to breed owners and other experts.

6. Pals Animal Rescue and Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection will have cats available for adoption at the show. Ten cats found new homes at last year's show, which drew about 900 people, said show secretary Mary Beth Wegerle.

7. Veterinarian Greg Reichenberger will answer cat owners' questions at an "Ask the Vet" booth from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, and Spay-Neuter Kansas will give away five vouchers for free surgeries for the pets of qualified low-income owners.

8. Vendors will be selling toys, food, bedding and other items catering to cats and cat lovers.

If you go

wichita cat fancy cat show

What: Cat show sponsored by the Wichita Cat Fancy chapter of the American Cat Fanciers Association

Where: The Cotillion, 11120 W. Kellogg

When: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday; 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday

How much: Admission $5, $3 for children 6-12 and seniors age 55-up; $10 family (good all weekend)

For more information, call 316-722-4201.