Shark attack at Exploration Place

A new traveling exhibit called "Megalodon: Largest Shark That Ever Lived" opens Saturday at Exploration Place. Here are details about it:

1) Megalodon was a 60-foot shark that reigned over prehistoric waters about 17 to 2 million years ago and is believed to be related to today's predators, the great white and mako. Megalodon teeth were triangular and large, with some fossils measuring as long as 7 inches.

2) In the Exploration Place exhibit, visitors will enter Megalodon's world through its "belly" and study a full-size sculpture of its body. Along the way they'll learn about the creature's diet, lifespan, relatives, evolution and eventual extinction.

3) Visitors will see a set of 46 Megalodon teeth casts —the most complete set ever found — and learn what scientists can discover by studying shark teeth. They'll also see four Megalodon jaws.

4) The Megalodon exhibit was produced by the Florida Museum of Natural History . It's included in general museum admission and is free for Exploration Place members. It will be on display through May 1.