We bond when we share meal

Guess who came to breakfast? My anticipated visit from a former employer and friend, John McCartney, took a delightful twist when he and his wife, Ann, accepted my breakfast invitation last Saturday morning.

John and Ann, who live in North Carolina, were in Wichita for a class reunion.

Although I had not seen them in 25 years, John is an innovative entrepreneur and I have always held him in highest esteem. I was just thrilled to be on their agenda.

As any hostess is inclined to do when preparing a meal for guests, I pondered menu choices. I did not want to be spending time in the kitchen cooking while they were here; instead, I wanted to visit with them. We had lots of catching up to do. I opted for a made-in-advance egg roulade with a spicy sausage and pepper jack cheese filling, served with fresh fruit and some freshly baked cranberry cinnamon muffins.

As we sat around the table, the years rolled back and we reminisced about the events that had shaped our lives in the years since we last saw one another. I realized, as we lingered over coffee, how all of us bond with one another when we gather around a table and share a meal.

When my guests arrived, I was simply entertaining my favorite boss and his wife. When they left, amid a round of hugs, they were old friends again.

The cranberry muffins were a hit, and I am sharing the recipe so you might try them, too. Muffins are so easy to make; just stir the ingredients in a bowl. You don't even need a mixer. I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do.