Festival primer

When is the festival?

Today through May 15. Just like last year, this year's festival is nine days long, ending with a big fireworks display on May 15.

Where is the festival?

Mostly downtown, in and around Century II. There are a few satellite events.

What does it cost?

The price for a festival button is $5. A button gets you into most events, although some events (like the River Run) have a registration fee. This year, admission to West BankStage concerts is $10 each night, plus a festival button. Festival buttons are sold at many retail sites, as well as at the festival.

Where can I park?

The festival brochure provided with your button purchase has a helpful guide to parking spaces in the downtown area. Trolley shuttle service was discontinued last year because of a lack of usage.

Will streets be closed during the festival?

Some. See a complete guide to street closings at www.wichitariverfestival.com.

What about restroom facilities?

There will be plenty of portable toilets set up throughout the festival grounds. You'll also find hand-washing facilities set up nearby. And remember that antiseptic wipes will be available at all of the food vendor booths.

What if I get hungry at the festival?

You'll find plenty of food and beverages at the Food Court, located on Century II Drive. Some food and beverages also will be sold at the West Bank Stage during concert nights. Visitors must purchase tickets at booths set up at the food courts in order to buy food from vendors. Tickets will be sold for $1 each. Food prices will be in increments of $1 to make the exchange of tickets for food convenient.

What if I need help right away?

For any purpose, you can seek out a Wichita police officer, who will be providing security for the festival. Or look for a festival volunteer. Volunteers will be wearing yellow shirts.

What if I have other questions?

Call the festival offices at 316-267-2817 or go to www.wichitariverfestival.com.