Keeping the Wheels calendar count

I’ve never been into statistics. But last year, as I was updating the Wheels page calendar, it struck me that we had listed a whole lot of car events over the years. Just how many, who knows?

So I decided to keep a tally of the car shows, cruise-ins, charity events and other get-togethers for calendar year 2014. I created a master list and as I updated it each week, I put the shows that had already happened in italics and added new events as they came in.

I may be getting a bit ahead of myself, as there are still two months to go before we break out the 2015 calendars. But as of this week, the total number of events we have listed for 2014 is 84. Eighty-four chances to go and look at great cars and shoot the breeze with the owners and steal ideas from them.

I think that’s a testament to the fact that Wichita and the surrounding area is definitely a solid car community.

Thanks to everyone who sent me their clubs’ show information, and please keep up the good work. The Wheels page is just one of several calendars put together by people involved in the car hobby. So the actual number of events must be well above 100 shows a year.

As always, the best way to get your event listed is to email me the date, times, name and year (10th, 15th, etc.) of event, location and the name and phone number of your contact person. My email address is

Reach Mike Berry at