Swap meet spaces saved for vendors

If you were a longtime vendor at the old Sunflower Swap Meet, but dropped out when it appeared the meet would be moving to a new location after it changed hands, there’s some good news.

Anyone who had reserved vendor spaces at the Kansas Pavilions can reclaim the same spots up until June 30, according to John Saindon, who took over at the helm of the new Sunflower Charity Swap Meet. The organization’s newly created board of directors agreed to offer the previous vendors their original spaces for next year’s show, which will run Feb. 4-6 at the Pavilions.

At the end of that time, if there are any unclaimed spaces, Saindon said they would be offered to some of the 200 prospective vendors who have had their names on a waiting list.

For now, if you want to resume where you left off as a swap meet vendor, call 316-267-8914 and get back to where you once belonged, as the song goes.

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