Geezers get together

It stands to reason that each year, the number of geezers with cool cars should grow a bit. (Never mind that there’s no set age at which geezerhood commences. It’s more of a mindset thing, anyway.)

Last weekend’s eighth annual Geezer Gathering seemed to provide the proof that the local ranks of automotive geezers are, in fact, increasing. There was no shortage of either grizzled car guys, nor impressive rides at the event held on the bricks of Old Town.

The by-invitation event was moved there from Roy Merritt’s lawn a few years ago when it outgrew that venue. Roy is the Geezer Godfather, having conceived the idea of an unjudged car show/barbeque/celebrity roast/bench racing get-together.

Perfect weather conditions meant that when they fired up the Steve Carbone AA/Fuel Dragster, the ear-shattering sound of the engine echoed perfectly off the surrounding brick buildings. Car builder Troy Pate was lucky enough to get to sit in the cockpit of the fueler during one of the warm-ups and admitted to being a bit weak in the knees after he climbed out.

Although street rods again dominated the scene, there were classic vintage cars and even a rare survivor 1942 Mercury coupe on hand.

“A lot of these cars, this is the only thing they bring them out for,” observed Merritt.

But the geezers were clearly the main draw, clustering in groups and exchanging stories, or strolling along checking out the hot rods.

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