Mike Berry: What to make of Lambrecht auction

Now that the much-anticipated Lambrecht auto auction in Pierce, Neb., is history, I am left wondering what it all meant. I had watched the buildup to the sale on the Internet and then watched part of the auction on the History Channel.

I talked with someone who was actually there and gave me some excellent feedback. But I would like to hear from other car hobbyists, whether you were there in person, watching on TV or just following the thing online.

What did you think? Would you spend $250 for a dealership yardstick? Or $140,000 for an untitled, super-low-mileage, somewhat damaged ’58 Cameo pickup?

Will this have any effect on collector car prices? What did you think of the TV coverage? What will become of most of these vehicles?

Drop me a line with your thoughts at the e-mail address below. If we get enough feedback, I’ll post some of the better comments in a future column.