McPherson team wins X Cup

The McPherson College Restoration Program team not only finished The Great Race, it won the X Cup competition outright. The X Cup portion of the competition is for vehicles built specifically for The Great Race by a shop or vocational school program.

The 4-man team (two drivers, two navigators) drove a restored 1957 Ford Fairlane to victory in the 2,100-mile timed rally, which roughly followed the course of the Mississippi River from St. Paul, Minn., to Mobile, Ala. To see how they did it, check out their blog at For complete race results, including an amazing back-to-back victory by the overall winners, go to:

Purged — Computers are wonderful things — when they work. Unfortunately, my work computer fell victim to a series of power outages following that freak windstorm last week. With the help of a nearby Mac expert, we were able to get the computer running again, but lost some data, including the master list of car shows for the Wheels page.

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