The Wheels reunion is here

Today is the big day, the Wichita On Wheels Reunion, staged as a part of the third annual BlackTop Nationals. It’s been 10 years since we started producing this page for Wichita area car enthusiasts and it’s time to celebrate a full decade of great cars, trucks, cycles and the people who love and drive them.

I’m occasionally asked how many vehicles have been featured on these pages over that time span. Honestly, I’ve lost count.

Let’s just say that if everybody who has been written about shows up today at our parking area on Waterman near Century II, we are going to be in big trouble.

If you’re one of those hundreds of people and want to make a last minute dash downtown to be part of our celebration, drive to the BTN registration center located at BG Products, 740 S. Wichita St., just south of Kellogg and sign up for the overall show. If you let the registration folks know you want to be part of the Wheels Reunion, they’ll direct you to a table where you can pick up a special reunion dash plaque and get directions on how to get to our parking area. There’s no extra charge for the reunion, and when you get set up, we’ll also have a special window sticker for you to commemorate you and your vehicle’s appearance on the page.

I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and the cars that go with them. It’s been the most rewarding 10 years in my approximately 40 years in the newspaper business. Here’s hoping for 10 more.