Still shining, still rolling

There are bound to be a lot more vintage cars used as daily drivers out there, but we are wrapping up our tribute to them with this final pair, from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Richard Brouillard sent us a couple of snapshots of his snazzy 1978 Ford Country Squire LTD station wagon, complete with simulated wood paneling and top rack.

He wrote, "My wife, Janice, uses it every day to go to work. It is a nice street cruiser. The wagon has a... 400 motor, cruise control, A/C, clock and radio... they all work. We have owned our wagon since 2002.

"The chrome reverse wheels are for summer only so we can show it at local car shows. We like the family stories we hear from others who grew up with wagons."

That brings us to Melvin Grimsley's 1967 Jaguar E-type, which he concedes "isn't exactly a daily driver, but which isn't a garage queen either. It had 40,000 original miles on the clock when I got it six years ago and has 46,000 miles on it presently....

"It has been a faithful and reliable vehicle requiring only a fuel pump, cooling fan replacement, tune-up and a rebuild of one of its three carburetors.

"It's a 44-year-old car that brings smiles and thumbs-up from folks whenever I'm on the road, a dependable vehicle that gets me from point A to Point B without fail."

So there you have it _ we actually managed to publish every submission we received, and for that, we thank you all. Of course, that doesn't mean you won't be seeing great old cars on the Wheels page that still get driven as every day transportation. More than a few of our feature cars fall into that category and we'll be sure to point that out as they come up in the rotation of stories.

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