Dan Hawkinson’s 1963 Falcon Futura

This looks like a "survivor car" to us. Is it all original?

My dad (Warren Hawkinson) had bought it and was in the process of restoring it. The engine was actually in baskets when he bought it, but he got it running and drove it quite a bit.

It's not a Sprint, but it is the fastback 2-door hardtop. How was it originally equipped?

It still has the original 260 V-8 engine and 3-speed manual transmission. Originally, it was a column shift, but my dad put the floor shift in it. The guy who had it before my dad worked on a pipeline and he used to throw pipe and tools in the back end of it.

Is this the original paint and interior?

No, it was a white car with a black interior, but my dad had it repainted red... he had an affection for red, I guess. It didn't have a front seat in it while he was restoring it, so he would set 5-gallon buckets in it and he and my mom would drive it to Lindsborg to Salina sitting on those buckets.

When did you come into possession of the Futura?

My dad had a massive heart attack and died. I got the car in '95. I drove it back and forth to California. I redid the front end, but really didn't have to do a lot to it. It has the factory black interior in it now.

Any changes planned in the near future?

Not really. I need to replace the hubcaps, but I think I will keep the wire-wheel type. I think that gives it a touch of class.