My Wheels: Myron Laflin’s 1972 Mustang Mach I

Apparently, you weren't looking to get into the collector car hobby when you found this car. How did it happen that you ended up with it?

Our grandson, Brian, had bought a wrecked Mach I just like this one, but it had hit a deer and everything on it was junk. He bought a nicer car and my wife, Irene, and I helped him fix it up and we joined the South Central Mustang Club with him. We saw this car at an auction at the Starbird show and it didn't sell. We thought maybe we ought to have a car for ourselves and this guy from Kansas City who owned the car came up and we started talking. After a few hours of bargaining, guess what — we had our Mach I.

What kind of condition was it in?

It was basically just like you see it. It had about 90,000 miles on it. But it had been fully restored. Everything on the car came with it. I really haven't done much to it. I don't want it any different than it is.

Tell us a little about how it is equipped.

It came with the 351 Cleveland V-8 with a 2-barrel carburetor and the FMX automatic transmission. It may not be the fastest car on the road, but it will do 100 miles an hour, I can guarantee you that. The car had been repainted the original Light Pewter Mist color.

There is some speed/sport history in your background, isn't there?

I spent a season as a pit crew member on a friend's '56 Mercury NASCAR car when I lived in California. And I owned an old jalopy that we raced at CeJay Stadium in Wichita, a '35 Ford, and later a '32 Ford Tudor sedan with a Mercury motor in it. I had somebody else drive it.

So this is your first venture back into the car world as something other than basic transportation?

I never even thought about having a car like this until the deal with my grandson. We've been to a lot of car shows in it and we've been to a lot of places with it, to Arkansas and Oklahoma City. We really like the car.