Oops, here's the man behind the Plymouths

As often as not, when I ask a car owner to pose for a photo for a story, he or she will say, "Oh, you don't need a picture of me... just shoot the car."

Well, actually, we do need photos of the folks whose vehicles we feature. Everybody likes to see who deserves credit for a given car, truck or bike. I sometimes have to do some serious persuading to get those photos.

So I feel especially bad that, through a mix-up in communications, we didn't run Truman Patterson's photo with the feature on his pair of great 1940s Plymouths last week. His "mug shot" did appear in our online photo gallery, but not on the printed Wheels page.

So here is Truman's handsome, smiling face. Sorry about the goof-up, "Buster."cq

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