Being on computer sure beats watching paint dry

I've just discovered a great new use for the Internet.

It can keep you from ruining a fresh paint job. And no, it's not some secret formula or additive at an insider's Web site.

Instead, it's a good substitute for a lack of patience.

I can't begin to calculate how many times I've fouled up a perfectly good coat of paint on a project by picking up a part before it's dried and leaving nasty fingerprints all over it.

Like right now, I'm detailing a set of wheels that will go on my car. After pressure-washing, wire-brushing, cleaning with solvent and then painstakingly masking off the chrome from the sections to be painted, I finally shot a nice coat of "hammered black" on the appropriate spots.

Then, instead of compulsively monkeying with each wheel to see if it's ready to unmask, I found that by sitting down at the computer, I can waste enough time to make sure there won't be too many "do-overs."

Heck, I can even grind out a column while paint dries.


For anyone who may have been wondering why a Wichita On Wheels Reunion car show hasn't popped up on our Getting Together calendar yet, there's a simple explanation: We have decided to lay out for at least this year.

Not that we haven't featured plenty of great cars to fill WOW Reunion slots. It was just time to take a break, especially since I am hoping to make more shows myself in my rejuvenated '63 Falcon fastback.

There seem to be plenty of car shows on the horizon this year and several of them offered to step in and provide a new venue for another Wheels reunion. We appreciate those offers and may take you up on one of them down the road.