My wheels: Kaylie and Mike Mistretta's 1957 Chevy 210

This '57 Chevy is a 4-door sedan, but not your typical grocery-getter. Why a 4-door?

Kaylie: My dad is a car guy and we grew up in Corvettes, crammed into the space between the seats. That's why I wanted a 4-door, so our kids can look out and enjoy the ride. My dad had bought this car and he decided to resell it and I convinced him to sell it to me.

The metallic color really pops and gives the car some extra eye appeal. How did that happen?

Kaylie: I told him I wanted it pink, and that the pink I pick out would be OK. He wasn't so sure.

Mike: She told me what she wanted and we looked and looked, but couldn't find what she was after. Finally we went to the paint store and she found this Valspar color. I added the coarse metallic to it, and I was really surprised how nice it turned out.

The interior is really well executed; is it a stock pattern?

Mike: Harry at Morgan-Bulleigh did it for us, and I told him we wanted it in the same pattern as the original. He sewed these real tight pleats in it, where the original was dielectrically stamped. It was a lot of work. It has retractable belts in the back for the kids and Jeb MacGregor striped the dash and the deck lid.

What is the power setup?

Mike: It has a 283 with a Powerglide, but I am planning to rebuild the engine and add an Edelbrock intake and 4-barrel. It was hard to stop, even for me, so I put disc brakes on the front and some Cragar SS wheels.

You also built your son, John, his own custom ride. Tell us a little about it.

Mike: We had two babies in the middle of me building the '57. I've done a lot of drag racing, so I built our son this wagon with the big tires in back and a set of wheelie bars copied from a Model A drag car I'm building. Next, I'll probably need to build something for our daughter, Maggie, maybe some kind of a pedal car.