Readers write in about 'one that got away'

Well, as we guessed, it seems almost everybody has a "One that got away" story when it comes to cars. We had a bunch of good responses right at the hit of the throttle, so we decided to share a few with you this week.

If they keep rolling in like they have been, there will be more stories of cars we've had and lost or should have had, but let get away and are still kicking ourselves for making a bad call.


A couple of years after I graduated from Wichita East High in 1971 I purchased a 1970 GTO from my old football coach, Mickey Johnson. It was silver, black interior, factory Hurst 4-speed, without a scratch on it.

I drove it for about 3 years (way too fast) and then after a "close call" made the good decision to sell it. However, since I couldn't get the price I wanted I should have stored it (it was paid off) and kept it for my senior years. However, young minds don't think that way and I practically gave it away for about $1,200 to a very smooth talking elderly gentleman who wanted it for his daughter to drive to K-state.

I kick myself for that, but not for stopping driving it. I was not mature enough back then to be driving a car with that much power. Attached is a picture of the car and my dog Bojo. —Pat Taggart


Here is the car we wish we still had. It is a 1960 Chevy Impala 2-door hardtop, 348 motor with 3-2's and a 3-speed column shift. It would get 19 mpg out on the open road. Red and white interior. It was lowered about 2 inches. I bought the car used in Wichita in about `61. Drove it till about `67 or so and traded it for a 1965 Impala.— Marvin Bush


In 1976 I was 17 and I bought a 1964 SS Impala with a 409 engine. It had a single 4-barrel and 2-speed Powerglide. It listed at 340 hp. I sold everything I had, my shotgun, hunting decoys, knives and everything else of value to pay $300 for the car. I fixed it up a little bit and drove it for a couple years and then sold it to a friend for $375.

That was the strongest, fastest car I had ever seen. It would do 75 mph in low gear before I would shift to drive. Worst mistake I ever made, selling that car. One of these days I will get another one.— Mark Jenkins


The one that got away: It was in 1975 and I had a chance to buy a 1970 Z-28 or a 1968 Hemi Roadrunner that was $200 cheaper than the Camaro! Back then I had a Harley and I wanted the Z-28 more than the Plymouth. Because I Like Chevrolets!

Dumb move -- if I would have bought the Roadrunner I could have sold it for a million dollars at Barrett-Jackson and bought a lot more than a Z-28 now. I still have the Z-28 and still love it. A true Chevrolet man. —G.E. (Full name withheld by request.)